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Magnesium solvent
Magnesium solvent
Detailed description:

Products in the refined can remove non-metallic impurities and part of the magnesium metal material and metal ingredients evenly, in charge all dissolved after the qing dynasty, the lower the solvent refining, solvent in the air has the proper surface tension, can make the solvents in magnesium, to form a layer of protective film on the surface, through swap can remove impurities such as potassium, sodium, in magnesium and magnesium alloys melting, prevent and remove the air combustion oxidation, can with the impurity in the magnesium its chemical reactions, the impurities into the salt content.

USES: applicable to coarse magnesium and magnesium alloy melting

Usage: crystal magnesium and the solvent refining, consumption is 1-3% and metal fuel is found, should be immediately into the solvent.

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