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Magnesium alloy profile series solvent

A flux (RJ - 1) features:

In magnesium smelting state density is small, has the certain fire performance, and tools has good wettability of l melt, magnesium and magnesium alloys melting casting, crucible and other tools of detergent. After washing the tools do not pollute the melting and pouring of llic melts. To improve the quality of ingot casting, casting and reduce l loss and increase the tool life can play a significant role.

Purpose: melting and pouring washing tool, configure other flux, magnesium scrap remelting with flux.

2 flux (RJ - 2) Characteristic: brownish yellow or pale blue block, easy deliquescence. High temperature smelting magnesium, magnesium oxide and easily burning, when released, adding suitable amount of magnesium powder no.2 flux can prevent burning. When refining l magnesium, add 2 flux for refining, can be deposited impurities in the solution of oxide and nitride. The refining and covering flux than 1 further improve performance. USES: mainly used for magnesium and its alloys of scouring agent and protective agent and melting alloy ZM5, ZM10 when used as a coating agent.

Three flux (RJ - 3) Features: the fluxing agent has good coverage, refining capacity, and especially it is easy to be separated from magnesium alloy melt. When magnesium liquid superheat to more than 1123 k, and after a period of time, RJ - 3 on the surface of the magnesium alloy melt can quickly thicken, finally formed a scale, it is easy to from the liquid surface steak.

Usage: used for ZM5, ZM10 alloy when used as a coating agent.

4 flux (RJ - 4)

Features: with RJ - 2 solvent as raw material to join a variety of fluoride, magnesium oxide of magnesium and magnesium alloy melt and other impurities are dissolved and adsorption. And joined the weighting agent, the proportion of flux is greater than the proportion of l melt. After the fluxing agent added to magnesium and magnesium alloy melt, which began to slowly sink, meanwhile dissolved and oxide and gas in the adsorption of l melt, have the effect of slag and static.

Purpose: ZM1 alloy refining and covering agent.

5 flux (RJ - 5)

Features: the flux by the surface tension, in magnesium melt surface to form a continuous, complete coverage of the , isolated from the air and water vapor, prevent oxidation and burning of magnesium. At the same time, the flux of inclusions with a good wet, adsorption capacity, and use the flux and the density difference between the l, the l inclusions with flux out of the melt. Can have very good fire extinguishing, refining, slag discharge, separation, and so on.

Purpose: ZM1, ZM2, ZM3, ZM4, ZM6 alloy cover and refining agent.

6 flux (RJ - 6)

Features: with appropriate size, the surface tension of the flux and the melt can be a very good separation, and can from the adsorption and dissolution of non-llic inclusions in the melt, can achieve very good purification effect.

Purpose: ZM3, ZM4, ZM6 alloy refining.

Melting agent:

Characteristics: the product can remove when refined magnesium non-llic impurities and part of the l material and the l ingredients evenly, after the burden all rongqing, using lower solvent refining, the surface tension of the flux in the air with appropriate, can make the flux in the solution of magnesium, to form a of protective film on the surface, through swap can remove impurities such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and magnesium alloys melting, to prevent contact with air oxidation burning, can react with the impurity in the magnesium, the impurities into the salt content.

USES: applicable to coarse magnesium and magnesium alloy melting

Usage: crystal magnesium and the solvent refining, consumption for 1-3%, l combustion is found, should be immediately into the flux.

Coating agent

Features: the preparation is mainly composed of magnesium, sodium, potassium chloride and fluoride salt, salt has a lower melting point (653 k to 673 k), the surface tension of the appropriate, melting temperature of the alloy melt into liquid, automatic continuous formation, due to the special effect of inorganic additives, it will continue to release the inert gas, make magnesium liquid surface protected by solvent, gas compound; Let stand for long hours in the furnace is not broken down, the valid time is more than three hours, less harmful gas, comply with the requirement of industrial hygiene standards and exhaust emissions.

Application: suitable for magnesium alloy and aluminum magnesium alloy smelting.

Method of use: use for 1-2%, often to cover tightly to determine, at the beginning of melting to join into the furnace charge, after a certain number on the bottom of the crucible melting solution surface should be keep 5-10 mg of cover. Aluminium magnesium alloy to join the above method, melting with aluminum ingots, under the condition of the cover to protect add magnesium ingot and back to the furnace charge. l level, if there is any nudity shall timely supplement.

Refining agent:

Features: the preparation is mainly composed of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium chloride and fluoride salt salt composition and so on, due to the unique formula, liquid density and viscosity appropriate, has the extremely good scouring effect, both cover protection. Proportion of 1.8 2.0 with liquid alloy has a larger proportion difference, chemistry stability is good, don't react with alloy, lining and furnace gas, do not produce flux impurities. Less harmful gas, industrial hygiene standards and the exhaust emission requirements.

Application: suitable for magnesium, magnesium alloy and aluminum magnesium alloys.

Method of use: 2-3%. When magnesium alloy in this crucible furnace melting temperature to 740 ℃, sprinkle in refining agent in liquid level unceasingly, at the same time using the refining ladle agitation, the magnesium liquid circulation flow, in order to prolong the process of flux droplets, increase the chance of flux and contact oxidation inclusion adsorption, usually keep 10 minutes liquid surfaces appear bright mirror.

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