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Aluminum alloy profile series solvent

Common flux Features: on the basis of chlorine salt is joining cryolite powder of solvent, density of 2.3 g/cm3, the melting point of about 670 degrees. The solvents due to join the cryolite, make the interfacial tension between solvent and l increases, the volatile and properties of the solvent is reduced, become more strong, and gives some refining capacity, and thus the solvent has good coverage, separation, refining process performance.

USES: all other than high magnesium aluminum alloy, used for refining and coverage.

Refining agent

Features: adding aluminum and slag surface tension, liquid aluminum good separability, slag is dry, loose, easy to dry, grilled. This product does not contain sodium, sodium almost insoluble in aluminum, alloy in sodium, sodium in the solidification process by adsorption on the surface of the dendrite or grain boundary. Hot working, sodium form liquid adsorption on the grain boundary, the formation of sodium craze, the so-called "sodium brittle". If magnesium silicon exists at the same time, the magnesium would snatch silicon, precipitate free sodium, produce sodium embrittlement.

Usage: used for avoid sodium aluminum alloy smelting, clear liquid aluminum surface scum, near the surface of slag adsorption.

Coating agent Features: viscosity is small, bigger than aluminum liquid surface tension, can be separated from liquid aluminum is very good, not easy flux inclusion.

USES: other than high magnesium alloys used in gas stove, high-frequency furnace, gas furnace cover melting alloys and only finished products.

Special aluminum slag recycling flux Features: complicated purification effect is good, high quality of aluminum liquid. Can reduce the aluminum in the loss of the melting process and the generation of new oxide, oxide film. Smelting process, the liquid aluminum non-stick touch wall, easy to clean, can prolong the service life of furnace. Good separation, aluminum slag slag is loose dry properties, easy to strip, aluminum slag contains less.

Purpose: from aluminum slag recovery of fine particles. Usage: for the amount of flux and nonllic elements of mass ratio of 1:2.


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