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The development history of magnesium material application

Because of the magnesium alloy, light-weight than strength and high stiffness, good thermal conductivity, good damping vibration and electromagnetic shielding performance; At the same time easy to processing molding, easy waste recycling; As electronic devices, such as mobile laptop shell structure, can replace the plastic products to meet the light and thin, miniaturization, high integration, etc. Therefore, magnesium and magnesium alloys become the modern automobile, electronics, communications and other industries preferred materials, was known as "green engineering materials in the 21st century", has a broad commercial application prospect.

With the mature of smelting technology, the original magnesium production cost greatly decreased; Magnesium alloy smelting and recycling energy consumption is lower than aluminum alloy, plus magnesium are easy to processing, saving die and cutting tool, and therefore the price per unit volume of magnesium alloys is lower than that of aluminum alloy. Obstacles to the price of the magnesium alloy used and technical bottleneck has started to break.

Due to bullish on magnesium alloy existing and potential market, foreign some big enterprises, the consortium have also spent money on development research, in order to continuously develop new magnesium alloy die casting technology and products, seizes the market. Therefore, since the ninety s, worldwide, magnesium as a rapidly emerging engineering l materials, maintain rapid growth at a rate greater than 20% of a year, this is unprecedented in modern engineering l materials.


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